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Martha's Vineyard Gets RJ Pilot!

Congratulations to the ​​ Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program  and the Oak Bluffs Police Department for funding they recently received for a pilot in restortaive justice . I was honored to spend time recently with a group of local volunteers who will be conducting circles in the community. 

RJ Diversion Comes to Boston

Suffolk County (Boston and surrounding communities) now has a restortaive justice juvenile diversion program. In February the Suffolk District Attorney's Office signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Mediation Project to provide RJ interventions after mid-level offenses.  
Starting an RJ Program

People ask me often how to start a restorative justice program, so I talked to a varety of folks who've started successful RJ programs, then wrote an article about it. The short of it is that there's no one way, there are many. But there are some factors successful programs have in common, the most important being to learn about the needs in your community.

To read the article, see my post on Linked In or click  here for a downloadable version..