Christy Barbee
Trainer and facilitator

 Whatever the setting, I’ve been gratified by and impressed with the power individuals have to get to the heart of disputes and wrong-doing and to come up with creative solutions for making things better—once they’re provided an opportunity and a little help with process and ground rules. I know well how meaningful and sometimes even  transformative a restorative process can be for all concerned.
I have worked in restorative justice for many years, mainly collaborating with law enforcement after criminal incidents, bringing together offenders and those they have affected through their actions.
I have also worked with schools, directly with students and teaching teachers and administrators how they can use restorative practices to address wrongdoing (including bullying and harmful incidents), to head off simmering situations, and to build relationships among teachers, among students, and among students and adults together.
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Skills and services
  • Circle and conference  facilitation
  • Training in restorative practices
  • Training in restorative justice
  • Speaking
  • Program development
  • Grant writing